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P-Shot/O-Shot Specialist

What is the O-Shot?

With Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, patients can utilize the healing and aesthetic power of their own blood. This simple process starts with a quick draw from the patient’s arm followed by separation via centrifugal force; resulting in platelets being isolated from other elements of the blood sample. After this preparation stage has concluded, tiny acupuncture needles are used to deliver PRP treatment for enhanced comfort – thanks to an accompanying topical anaesthetic throughout all stages!

Women can experience a renewed sense of sexual wellness with the revolutionary O-Shot treatment. By using patient’s own blood, this procedure creates platelet rich plasma that is then injected into targeted areas such as the clitoral and vaginal zones to increase sensitivity – leading to improved overall sexuality including heightened libido, arousal capabilities and orgasm potential. This breakthrough technology also has added benefits for women struggling with stress incontinence or pelvic floor disorders giving them control over their bodies in ways never before possible!

intimate treatments
intimate treatments

Non-surgical solution to restore their sexual experiences

What Benefits Can a Man Have from the P-Shot®?

Men’s penises are often touted as one of their most prized possessions. While this isn’t strictly true, the organ does play a large role in intimate relationships – and its proper functioning is key for it to remain so. Unfortunately, many men experience difficulty achieving or maintaining erections (as well as concerns about size, shape and curvature) resulting in feelings of insecurity that can not only affect self-esteem but cause tension between partners too.

A patient can resume their regular routine right away after having an O-Shot or a P-Shot. If desired, patients can have intercourse as soon as they feel comfortable with it. Results may be evident right away and may continue to improve over time.

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