Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Pricing depends on the area of your face or body that is being treated, the number of areas you are having treated, the number of treatments you will need to achieve your goals and any specials that we might be running. With all these factors, it’s easy to see why it might be difficult to clearly relay every possible pricing scenario on our website. Therefore, we invite you to call us at (210) 772-7177 and one of our staff members will gladly discuss general pricing with you for treatments and products. They will also offer to set up a complimentary consultation for you so a treatment plan can be created based on your individual needs, goals and budget.

Injectable Questions

Different fillers last for varying lengths of time before retreatment is needed. For BOTOX or other neuromodulators, the smoothing effect can be maintained with injections about three times per year.

Treatment Questions

While some follicles can be permanently damaged, we also have dormant hair follicles that are not affected throughout the course of someone’s treatments so we always educate our patients to expect about a 75-80% reduction in hair growth after a series of 6 treatments.

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